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02 September 2019

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There are mainly two kinds of people in the world – Those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and those who don’t even get to see a silver spoon until they are old. The life of the second type of people has been hard since the beginning of time. No matter how many obstacles they cross, new and bigger ones are always there waiting for them. I am one of those people. I never knew what it felt like to be wealthy and have financial freedom because, since my childhood, I struggled to make ends meet. I worked really hard and got in a good college. Endless nights of studying in a small, shabby house taught me that the only weapon I had was my brain.

After I passed out of college, I got a decent job. All I wanted now was to take my family out of the shitty and old rented house to one of our own. It had been only a few months since I joined an IT firm, I couldn’t buy a new place at one-go. Therefore, I decided to get a loan from a mortgage firm. I started looking online for reputed firms with low rates of interest. After researching for some time, I went with Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group Corporation Inc. I went down to their office in order to discuss the terms and conditions of the loan. I asked the staff members there to help me but they did not even bother telling me the way to the manager’s office. I found the office myself and went in to talk to the manager. The manager called in one of his employees and asked him to guide me through the steps. The employee of the firm seemed to be in a bit of a hurry as he explained the plans of loans like he was sonic. I had to ask him to repeat which he did rather rudely. After going through their plans, he suggested me a plan, the rate of interest in this plan was not that high. The only problem was the down payment however, I knew that I could somehow arrange it. After choosing and finalizing the loan option, it was now time for the documentation process.
I had always been used to the physical aspect of official work but the documentation process introduced me to a whole new level of fatigue. It was as if the moment I went into their branch office, they were already ready with an excuse. It took more than four months for the whole procedure to complete. Let me rephrase that – It took more than four months for the whole procedure to ‘almost’ complete. The last step of verification was where my application for the loan got denied.
I almost had it, you know. A few weeks after this, the house that I had selected was brought by another family. I was not disappointed by the fact that it was not in my destiny. I was disappointed because of the fact that because of a minor mistake (which they did not specify), all the hope that had been given to me was snatched away.

My advice is that if you want to apply for a loan, do not even think of Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group Corporation Inc.

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