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GoEx.Pro Review


Please stay far away from this scam Please do not invest in goex. They are wicked, mean, callous and theives!!! It’s 100% scam. They usually target investors with large investments especially large frozen investments starting from 0.5 btc and above. Their accounts will be locked out deliberately a day or two before their investments are due for withdrawals. They use funds of investors with large investments to pay smaller investments just to make them happy thinking the platform is legit. Please do not fall for this scam. There are loads of genuine investors with only one single account which are being locked out. Do not believe their admins especially leo. They are technically part of the scam and are being instructed by goex team to block anyone who complain about important issues on their telegram chat so that the new potential investors will not be scared of investing their funds. More investors are being locked out on a daily basis. Even their high daily rates are unsustainable and it’s just a way to lure more vulnerable investors into their scam platform. If you are a potential investor whether big or small, think twice!!!. I will advise you to stay far away from this ‘clever’ scam. A word is enough for the wise!!!

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