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GoalsOnTrack.com | Refund refused

I am a sucker for GTD (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getting_Things_Done) tools and still have not found my perfect one. Back in August I came across GoalsOnTrack.com. There was no trial, $9.95 a month and 60 days of trial, I emailed about it and got a response from Harry Che “We treat our 60-day money back guarantee very seriously. If a refund is requested, it’s usually processed within 2-3 days.”.I signed up and started playing with GoalsOnTrack. Immediately I had problems importing and provided detailed feedback. Harry worked with me and reformatted my csv file for importing. I gave some more feedback but was unimpressed and disappointed software I had to pay up from to trail was so immature, I decided to see if they would release updates and respond to my suggestions.I got an email saying payment had been taken and responded:&&– Original Message &&–Subject: Re: Payment Receipt: 836 Confirmation from GoalsOnTrack.comDate: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 13:53:17 0100From: Tom CorcoranTo: GoalsOnTrack.com I have not tried it since. I was waiting to see what progress has been made and if the product is more mature. Do you post release notes? How long do left I have in my 60 days? Thanks, Tom.&&– Original Message &&–I never heard back and forgot about it. I got another email saying payment had been taken again and responded:&&– Original Message &&–Subject: Re: Payment Receipt: 928 Confirmation from GoalsOnTrack.comDate: Wed, 07 Oct 2009 11:33:40 0100From: Tom CorcoranTo: GoalsOnTrack.com Payment approved again, what? I have not gone near this since, please can I cancel immediately.Thanks, Tom.&&– Original Message &&–I got a response saying “Your account has been canceled, and you will never be billed again.”. After querying about the 60 day refund I got a message “Can you send me the proof of date of your cancelation request? “. More followed:”According to our records, you signed up on Aug 7, 2009, and requested to cancel on Oct 7, 2009, which has already passed the 60-day period. We’ve already refunded the extra charge immediately after you sent the cancel request. You’re not eligible for further refunds. However, we may consider credits to your account if you choose to sign up again in future.”.I played with the software a little and did one import but never added additional tasks or used it in any way. I provided detailed feedback which would have helped to improve their software. I got specific assurance at the start that they were very timely about refunds and subsequently had my request for how long I had left in my evaluation conveniently ignored, thereby when my official cancellation came in, they were covered by Aug 7 – Oct 7 being 62 days. I have not been refunded the $19.80 I paid for the first 60 days.

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