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On 16 January I ordered a $600.00 catalytic converter (plus paid almost $100.00 for expedited two-day shipping) for my truck. On 22 January the part still had not shipped. Since the part was for my primary vehicle, I found the part locally and installed it. I went to the website and opened a help ticket requesting cancellation of the order, and got a reply email that my request had been received and was being processed. Seven days later on 29 January I got a notification from FEDEX that the part was shipped on 28 January and would be delivered 29 January. I promptly called flow chevrolet, the owners of the website, and asked them why my order was not cancelled. The rep apologized and said that they were a small company and sometimes the staff was unable to process all of the incoming email in a timely manner. I told her I was not going to accept delivery of the part (a signature was required). She said that was fine when they received the part back they would return my payment minus shipping and a restocking fee of 25%. The expedited original shipping plus the return shipping plus the 25% restocking fee amounted to almost $300.00. I asked her why the company would not accept responsibility for their failure to cancel the order promptly and she said their return restocking fees and shipping policies are in effect no matter what the reason for the return. BUYER BEWARE!!!


  1. Walter Henerson May 25, 2020
  2. Sherice Moniot May 25, 2020
  3. Brenda Demeritte May 25, 2020

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