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Gloria Thalasso & Hotels

My son cut his finger on a drain in the children’s swimming pool 2 days ago and we taped it over and thought nothing of it. We then saw a boy with a cut foot the following day and assumed it was a tile from the pool. Today my boy has sliced his big toe open in the same pool. We saw maintenance team around the pool inspecting it and we reported the finger at the time. We had staff helping with the injury and advised to go to hospital. He confirmed the boy injured the day before was from the same drain in the same pool. We asked for a doctor to come out to the hotel as my boy is only 4 and this is negligence of the hotel. My boy needed stitches which the doctor couldn’t actually perform as my boy was traumatised from The anaesthetic and pain so instead he isn’t allowed to walk on his foot in fear of tearing her wound ever further. He isn’t allowed in any water for 3 days. The pool is still open and the injury seems to be ignored. The manager explained a specialist dive team need to come out and they aren’t sure when this will be. Our holiday has been completely spoilt. My boy has to sit on the edge of the pool on his holiday and unable to play, he is 4 years old. My boy was traumatised by the pain and injection as was I having to hold my boy still and seeing him in agony. This is a holiday! Something I worked so hard for all year to treat my children. I am shaken up badly from this today as is my whole family. Firstly I want to ensure my boy is well and avoid any infection but after this I expect full compensation from the hotel/travel company due to negligence of the hotel. My boy is injured to the point of stitches on his body when we should be holidaying. I expect either a full refund or a holiday later this year at someone’s else’s cost. I have doctors paperwork, photos and anything else needed if necessary. The hotel have taken responsibility and will cover the doctors call out in their insurance. Please Advise where I go from here? Thank you Louise Thompson

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