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Global Credential Evaluators

Not only is the service pretty unprofessional, their attitude is rude and they like to humiliate people. I used their service and when I received their report, guess what happened… The report is so lousy and the work looks like no more than 1 hour was spent on it … Several course I took are 3 credits courses but GCE just randomly assigned those courses 0 credits. I called them and they explained that”s because those courses are for “personal enlightenment” and “should not count towards courses. I asked them to show my their company policy or any valid explanation and they said I am wasting their time. Even worse… I have taken courses that weigh 3.5 and 0.5 credits. GCE assigned the 0.5 credit courses 1 credit and they explained that “they rounded it up” and did so “for my benefits”. But for the 3.5 credits courses, GCE rounded it down and assigned 3 credits and explained “that”s also for my benefits.” Should evaluation be based on facts? And I asked them for the explanation and they said I am wasting their time. This institution should not be recommended to anyone.

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