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Giant Food / Giant of Maryland Review

Giant Food / Giant of Maryland

I visited the White Oak, Maryland Giant Food yesterday, Tuesday, Feb 27, 2018 in the evening just to pick up a few items. I was very disappointed in the appearance of the store itself and also the bathroom facilities. It”s obvious that management does not consider this a priority for that first impression lasting impression concept. This store has not always looked the way that it does. The outside appearance of the store could also use some attention; there are carts blocking the entrance and trash just kind of thrown about by patrons who could care less but it just doesn”t look good and gives the appearance of a not so clean store. Giant has been in this area for a number of years and has not always looked the way that it does now. Mr. Izzy, the founder of Giant Foods Store took pride in the way that his stores looked at all times and although he is no longer around and the stores are operated under different management, perhaps take a lesson from the past. Signed, A concerned customer


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