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They were ruining my kid’s health

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19 September 2019

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Being a father to a young girl is way too difficult. I wasn’t able to understand the sudden instability in her mood and the way she reacted to things became intolerable at time. My daughter sometimes locked herself up in a room for hours and even on asking the reason behind doing so she would not utter a single word. Her feeling of sadness and melancholy was very sad to understand. She had no interest sharing or expressing her feelings with her, she was not ready to cooperate with us.
I as a parent couldn’t handle such a mood swing and decided to get her checked up by a therapist. After doing a lot of research and inquiry about the place I made an appointment with George C Bonnett MFT. We reached the place on time and was waiting for our turn eagerly. The doctor didn’t let us in and took our daughter, it was unexpected but didn’t bother us. We kept waiting for more than an hour when she finally came out. I decided to have a bit of conversation with the doctor but he denied at first and told me, he had other appointments too and would talk to me over a phone call. I phoned them up several times but they gave no response. Since it was impossible to go there every day I sent my daughter alone in my car. No changes could be seen in her behaviour. She still didn’t eat properly, used to be awake late at night and didn’t talk to us.
I waited for two weeks to notice some kind of a change in her mood swing but nothing could be seen, it was still the same. I finally decided to meet the doctor and ask him about the situation. The doctor denied meeting me but this time I was being stubborn and curious and wanted to know about the problem my doctor was facing. The doctor said that she was fine and had no problems, she would recover very soon within a month. I did a mistake trusting him and waited for a month to see the result. The outcome was very disappointing, my daughter was now very much aggressive towards us and always broke up sometimes, and locked herself in the room for silly reasons. I was fed up with the false treatment of George C Bonnett. I finally went over to cancel my daughter’s subscriptions and asked him for a refund. He denied saying that it was compulsory to attend all the classes because there was no refund policy here. I could see my daughter getting worse day by day and couldn’t risk her life getting her treated in the wrong place. I immediately moved her out from there and got her admitted to a better counselling centre. I should never recommend going to George C Bonnett MFT. He was not at all ready to communicate with us, it was hardly anytime we saw him. His treatments proved to be useless as no changes were noticed throughout a month. Please never make a mistake of letting your loved ones come to the wrong place, always chose a place wisely and with patience as well.

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