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22 September 2019

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My car was getting older and rusty day by day, the brakes and the suspensions needed quick service. I had been getting light shocks while switching on the AC or the music player. I decided to get it repaired or else I would have to risk my life while driving a half damaged car. It was my first car and was the first serious repair of it, before this I hadn’t taken my car to the service centre (my husband usually does that), therefore, I had very little idea about good service centres in town.
I did a lot of research about the best service centre in town and finally came down to Gener Tire & Auto which was the nearest to my house. I made an appointment online and a date was fixed. I went into the place on the fixed date and was waiting for my turn. The mechanics were busy with their work so they suggested me to talk to the manager myself. I had to wait for more than an hour to meet the manager because he was not present in his office yet. He came back from his work and called me in. I went in and explained to him about the problems I faced. He then called one of his staff members to check up on my vehicle. The mechanic took more than 15 minutes to reach his office.
The mechanic was very rude and didn’t pay attention to what the manager said and was always busy scribbling his cell phone. The manager too didn’t pay attention. The mechanic soon went towards the car and crossed checked it. He then told me the costing and the repair that was needed to be done. I accepted his proposal and was told to come after 3 hours to collect my car. I came back right after 3 hours and saw that my car was still untouched and the work hasn’t been started yet. I went to the mechanic responsible, he was smoking cigarettes and was gossiping with his fellow mates. He then told that he had many other works, therefore, he would take another 3 hours to complete my work positively. Since it was a late-night I decided to come back the next morning and collect my car.
I came in the next morning and saw my car kept in the garage, it was covered with dust. I requested the mechanic to clean them before I leave but he denied saying it was not his job to do so. I did the needful and went away. Everything was okay until I touched the switch of the AC and it gave me a shock again. I called the company and had a talk with the mechanic, the mechanic told that he wasn’t an electrician and had no idea about it and therefore he hadn’t charged for the switch and left it the way it was. I was very disappointed by the incomplete work of Gener Tire & Auto. Please choose a better car repair company. Thank you!

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