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The staff here is RUTHLESS

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15 September 2019

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If it were her puppy, not an outsider I’m sure she would have carried out her responsibility! I brought my little dog to Garland Animal Clinic for the first time and it happened to be a bustling day. He had been tingling and gnawing his skin for half a month and I was certain that the issue would be obvious and would be settled at this point, yet when the vet conversed with me about him, she didn’t do anything however figured and speculated about him having a food allergy. She wasted quite a lot of time and after that said she didn’t “find” some other issue upon “inspection” of the fur and she’ll have a go at changing his food habits considering he’s allergic to chicken. Half a month passes by and the tingling and gnawing just deteriorated even though I changed his deit compeltely and made a point to give him no poultry. She attempted to sell me a lot of hypersensitivity prescriptions and shampoos which were so pricy and out of my budget. She did not respond to any of my queries properly. And she didn’t like it when I requested her to adhere to the issues that were requiring her consideration. My dog was hopeless and I needed to bring him back in the wake of seeing evidence of the issue I speculated he had in any case. Unfortunately, I had to once more go into the shitty animal center.The vet did not exclusively apologize for the wrong treatment but rather chuckled like a schoolgirl as she clarified missing the now enormous issue at hand. My young doggie needed to get a steroid shot because his skin was so disturbed from hanging tight. She winded up selling me the majority of this additional stuff that I would not have required if she would have carried out her responsibility right from the begining. The nurse who gave my dog the steroid shot was too harsh, and my dog got a rash scar from the shot. Front desk gal was impolite with regards to her companion the vet, when she was supposed to be demonstrating great client administration and done her due steadiness she just acted like she owned the place. Perhaps take a stab at thinking about creatures rather than cash if you’re going to be a vet! Regard every one of your customers who pay a good amount of money to get your assistance! It was a horrible experience from start to finish. While moving out of the clinic, I noticed a cat was crying out of pain and the nurse standing beside was harsh towards her, I felt pity for the owner who left her adorable cat for a grooming session without realizing how inhumane the people here are. They don’t deserve to run this clinic where they assault animals that need the utmost love, affection, and care. I will advice the readers to stay away from Garland Animal Clinic and go to some other place.

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