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Future Shop Northland Calgary AB | Poor customer service

I have experienced the most unreasonable, rude, and unaccomodating service from Customer Service and Store Manager of Future Shop Northland Mall. I purchased an Inglis built-in-dishwasher and 5 year warranty in 2007. In March of 2009 I had problems with the dishwasher not cleaning on the top rack. I phoned Customer Service and they scheduled a repair and was later told that it was beyong economical repair and that I would be given a new dishwasher. John and Ashley – the customer service representatives for the warranty were very helpful. I was told to go into the Northland store and make arrangements for a replacement. Upon arrival I was told the store knew nothing about it and made minimal effort to search for it in their email as John said they would have all the information. I asked to use their phone to call John and he reiterated that he did in fact send it by email but would fax a copy. The customer service representative for this store was extremely “put out” and when John asked to speak to her I handed her the phone and she huffed and rolled her eyes. She again tells me to wait – I was in the store for over an hour. The customer service supervisor came on shift and was told about my situation. She looks in her computer and indeed finds the email, and proceeds to process my transaction while she “trained” a new employee how to do it. Needless to say this process took 15 minutes, further aggravating me because I had spent so much time waiting. I was told that they didn’t have my exact dishwasher -even though the front panel was the same but because it was the same price that is what I would receive. She tells the new employee that if there was not an item the same price or lower that they would not be able to help me. They then scheduled a delivery time for Tuesday, March 24 and I inquired about installation. She told me that that wouldn’t be their responsibility and in Calgary a plumber to install a dishwasher charged me $35o. I told her that I wasn’t prepared to pay this a second time for a product that was defected and a product for which I bought they extended warranty. I was very upset and in tears by this time and she disappears to talk to the manager and see what could be done for me. She returns 5 minutes later to hand me a buisness card for a guy who would do the install for about $150.00. I said that wasn’t acceptable to me and I asked for the old dishwasher to be repaired and was again told that they would not fix it because it was less expensive for THEM to replace it. I replied that it was cheaper for them but more expensive for me and I wasn’t happy. I asked for a refund and was denied. I asked to speak to the manager and demanded a name, address and phone number of the regional manager because I wanted to appeal that decision. Extremely aggitated with me she hands me a phone number – which incentally was for their main customer service representatives (John and Ashly). Needless to say I still don’t have a name or phone number. Totallly frustrated I admitted defeat – I need a replacement dishwasher or fix the old one. She then proceeds to process delivery date and tells me that the Tuesday delivery had been taken by someone else and that I would have to wait until Thursday, which I took an entire day off work to be home to receive the new dishwasher. The delivery drivers from CRG refused to leave my new dishwasher as they were to return with the old one. I told them that I had scheduled the unistal and re-install for Friday morning (the next day) and they could either come back and pick it up or I would transport the old one to the store myself. – I asked for their business card and company information as I was angry, stunned and wanted to complain to their company. They basically said I was out of luck and they put my dishwasher back in the truck and drove away. I immediately phoned Ashly explaining the situation and she said she would contact the store herself. She promptly tells me that Kirk the Appliance Manager would phone me in 15 minutes. I told Ashly how upset I was and how poorly I was being treated. As a sidebar I mentioned that I had purchased many appliances from them in the past and was currently looking to purchase a new fridge but now would never purchase another item from Future Shop, that I would write formal complaints and if necessary file a lawsuit. Kirk phones me and tells me it is store policy to pickup the returned item and that I couldn’t have both of them in my possession. I explained that the installer was coming in the morning to which he replied well have him remove the old one, call us back and we’ll set up a delivery and pick up time! I was told it was store policy and that no exceptions were made whatsoever. I was then told that the next delivery date would be next Tuesday to which I replied that was unacceptable. He could have cared less, I asked for his last name and he refused to give and gave me a regional manager name. I then asked for a refund, I was extremely upset and very emotional at this point and he told me they wouldn’t be prepared to do that. I told him I want to purchase my dishwasher elsewhere and he said go ahead. I told him I didn’t want his dishwasher and that is where it has ended to this point. I can not believe how outrageously I was treated, no one bothered to say gee “I’m sorry” NOTHING! I plan on taking this further and will proceed to discourage anyone I know from purchasing an appliance from Future shop due to their horrible customer service. Do not! deal with Future Shop -Northland and if you wish to contact me for verification of my statement please call me at 403-282-0514.

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