Future Shop/Best Buy Canada

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Future Shop/Best Buy Canada | Bad Business Practices

I had the repair department of the St, Catharines Future Shop store actually go in and remove my hard drive and have it destroyed. The claim by future shop was that according to my warranty my hard drive should have been backed up. The warranty says nothing about the removal of any part of my computer. Future Shop blamed Apple Canada for removing my hard drive but Apple Canada has told me that not only is that not their policy but they can find no record of my computer being repaired. All this because I had lines on the screen. I have found out that Future Shop does have an internal policy regarding repairs that nullifies their warranty agreement. If someone tells you to read the warranty, it is totally worthless. My suggestion to all who have complaints against Future Shop/Best Buy, is to submit an on-line complaint with the consumer protection branch of the ministry of consumer affairs. It will take five minutes and they will investigate the matter for you. Nothing will be done until enough complaints have been submitted. If you would like to e-mail me your complaint, I would be more than happy to take them to Peter Kormos’ office personally. His office is in my home town. I will hand them over to them myself. Peter Kormos is a board member of the Consumer Protection Board for Ontario.

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