Future Shop, Ancaster Meadowlands

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Future Shop, Ancaster Meadowlands | They are liars!

I purchased a laptop computer eight days ago. In addition to the laptop, I was sold a disk that would restore the hard drive if it were to crash. This disk cost me $99.99 plus taxes. I was told that if I was not happy with the product that I could return it within fourteen days for a full refund. I admit that I did not understand the nature of what this disk was. A computer savvy pal of mine told me that it was outrageous to be charged this amount of money for a disk that I could have easily produced myself. The laptop has easy to follow instructions on how to do so. And I did. I tried to return the disk, eight days after purchase and was told it was non-refundable.They said that I did not pay for the disk, I had paid for the service of setting up the computer. I was furious. The salesman admitted that there may have been a MISCOMMUNICATION, but there was nothing he could do. The store manager is away for the week.One interesting thing that the salesman said is that if I had returned the disk (that I was not charged for)the following day, that would have been a different story. I am at a loss as to how this act would alter the situation. If I did not pay for the disk in the first place (as they claim), why would it have made a difference when I brought it back???? I am still within the 14 day full refund period. I plan to persue this matter further. Future Shop is a rip-off. They are liars and do not stand behind what they or their sales people say. They will NEVER see another thin dime from me.I also plan to make my experience very public in my community.

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