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Fry's Electronics Review

Beware of Fry’s Electronics

I visited your store today to purchase two iPhones. I could not find anyone in the mobile electronics area that could help me so I asked another employee who said that he would make a call for someone to meet me by the cell phones. Upon waiting no one showed up for 20 minutes so I noticed an employee by the L.G T.V section. He was a tall Armenian man with glasses. I asked him if I could get any help because I was already waiting 20 minutes and I wanted to purchase a couple of iPhones. He told me that is not his section and that I would have to find someone else. I explained there was no one there and I waited so long. He got very smart and told me well what do you expect me to do as he raised his voice. I told him nevermind and that his store just lost a couple sales and he replied so what. I really love your store but rude employees like that make me not want to come back so I went to Best Buy and got the best of costumer service.

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