Front end work

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Front end work | Charged but not fixed

My bmw, 24, 000 miles orig. had a bad shimmy in the front end, and was assured that the only thing wrong with the car to cause the shimmy was a shot front bearing and hub, …paid 557.85 and they said they road tested it, it ran good…3 minutes I was back there, with the exact bad shimmy at 52 miles an hour, , they said it had a bent rim, and couldn, t do anything for it, but I said I just paid 557.oo to fix the shimmy, which they said was caused by a shot bearing, , I drove it home 5oo miles with the shimmy and changed one front tire, and it fixed the problem, the tire was out of round, , ripped off of 557, , and maybe they didn, t even change the bearing, all I know, I brought my car in to get a shimmy delt with, and got charged 557. and the shimmy was still there, and a bad shimmy at that

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