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Their vets missed two ailments in my pet

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15 September 2019

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Friendswood Animal Clinic is a vet office that demands you to pay as much as possible for low-quality veterinary treatments. I first picked this vet office for two reasons: they had extraordinary online reviews and they were the primary clinic to help me with my new salvage dog’s wellbeing condition.
The waiting area is stuffy and it’s hard to sit there and breathe normally. People sometimes push and pull you, the lady sitting beside me would not allow me to sit beside her though there was an extra seat available. When I went inside the vet’s room for our first appointment, she rushed to lecture me and unfit to give a real running discussion. Costs were additionally extreme for prescriptions and some of the medicines were unnecessarily prescribed too.
The vet was in no mood to listen to my story, neither she was interested in giving answers to my questions. She was quick enough to forward to expecting to secure refills of the medicine my dog required. People in the clinic never stayed aware of his condition so I would need to clarify my dog’s situation all over again each time I called. Later, I brought him in for his yearly physical test. I did not understand why people on the counter were forcing me to buy medicines from their pharmacy. I bought a few from there and realized later that they were all expired. I was appalled by the fact that they sell expired medicines for such heavy costs. After six days I saw a growth on his lip that they missed. I called their office and inquired as to whether I could quit paying the clinic’s visit cost to check his lip even though I’d be more than willing to pay the expense of any testing or drugs, and so on. The staff member denied my request saying that it would not have been a piece of the visit’s charges for the test a week ago.
I was amazed. How could a physical evaluation of a growth on my dog’s lip not be viewed as a feature of a yearly physical test? I knew now I would never be carrying my dog to Friendswood Animal Clinic. I promptly called an alternate vet in my area that could see him that day. When I got to the new vet’s office, it was like everything turned inside out between the two facilities. The vet and the vet’s tech were warm, inviting, and empathetic. The vet played out another full, exhaustive test on my dog and clarified the various conceivable outcomes. She likewise found my dog had ear contamination, the second sustenance Friendswood Animal Clinic’s vet missed the prior week during their yearly health test. I would not recommend Friendswood Animal Clinic to anybody looking for good quality veterinary consideration for their pets. I believe they are deceiving people through their dubious online reputation and marketing. Don’t trust their website or content. They are frauds. They are monsters who loot money from innocent people.

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