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02 September 2019

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As time is passing by, people are becoming more and more conscious regarding how they manage their time. Let me rephrase that – Intelligent people are becoming conscious about saving time. Being one of the intelligent ones, I decided to save up time by deciding on purchasing a car. As it had only been a month since I got my dream job at Yahoo, my bank account was not overflowing with money and thus I decided to go for a cheaper used car. I started looking online for companies and firms that sell used cars. It took me some time but finally, I came across ‘Frazier Automotive’. After reading reviews on Google, I decided to stop foraging anymore and just go for it.
The website, although well-designed to attract a potential customer’s attention, was not very well organized. It took me some time to find the contact number of the customer care and when I finally found it, I called them in order to get a few doubts clarified. The customer care executive was rude and inattentive. Since I was going to spend money, I made sure that he answered all my queries properly. Along with the answers, I also got assured of the services and I chose to believe them. The price tags were high as compared to other resellers but I still opted to go with Frazier Automotive just because of the assurance I was given by their employee on the phone. While snooping through their long list of cars, I could not help but notice that most of the images and details of cars were not provided. Thankfully, the BMW that I chose had an image. I decided to go for the BMW because of the condition stated on the website.
The very next day, I went for the test drive. A company official was there too. Upon looking at the car, I could notice evident differences between the image online and the real condition. I was condoled by the company official that before the delivery, it will be washed properly and will look ‘as good as a new model’. After listening to yet another ‘assurance’, I went and sat inside the car. There was dust all around and it took me some time to settle in.
The test drive started and beside me in the front seat was another company member who seemed to be a bit nervous. Whenever I accelerated the car beyond 40, he looked at me nervously and told me to slow it down as ‘it is not safe to Overspeed’. I did not realize then about the hidden truth and when I did it was already late. The drive was fine although the car did seem to have trouble while crossing over a speed-breaker.
The car was delivered after a week and I was disappointed the moment I laid my eyes on it. It was neither washed nor dusted. The seats inside were as dusty as ever, even more than before. I had to get the car washed. Had it been only the problem of the dirt, I would have let it pass unnoticed but damn my luck, that was not just it. The car stopped running properly and when I brought it to a nearby mechanic, he told me that the engine of the car’s engine was already damaged and when I raised the speed above 50, it could not take the pressure and thus got completely damaged. I then realized why during the test drive the company member was all sweaty and nervous. When I called Frazier Automotive, I was denied refund on the grounds of ‘rough use of a vehicle’.
I still cannot believe how a reputed company like Frazier Automotive could do something so inhumane such as this. I would not recommend anyone to go for Frazier Automotive.

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