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They discriminated with me because I’m disabled

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15 September 2019

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For some time now I wanted to learn and cook international cuisine. I had heard a lot about the food classes at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. I and my friend planned to take a sushi class and emailed for the same. Unfortunately, there were no specific directions on the confirmation email. When we arrived, there was no proper place for parking as the area is very crowded. It is built on acres of ground, they provide navigation maps upon arrival but to be honest it’s difficult to understand them.
I happened to ask about it from a person who was kind enough and helped me in finding the building where my class was being held. This information should have been provided in the email and I could have saved myself of this hassle. When we moved ahead, we were stopped by a security guard who argued that disabled persons are not allowed. In any case, since they squandered a TON of cash making the new region and making it difficult to reach for individuals who are disabled. Really how unfortunate! Also, even in the wake of having the detachment issue drawn out into the open, they don’t do anything to fix it. If you’re not open and available to the ENTIRE community, at that point you don’t get anything from me. If you have an excessive amount of cash and a splendidly working body however these guys couldn’t care less about impaired humans. After a lot of requests, we were allowed to move towards the building. It was extremely big both outside and inside, again finding the classroom was another difficult task. They had the kitchen area and tables set up for all the students. The chef did not bother to explain anything well. She did a demo; at that point, it was hands-on to make sushi, with an assortment of fillings. It seemed like she had no experience in cooking and was confused whenever someone asked a question. She then told us to additionally make miso soup, a plate of mixed greens, and a panna cotta dessert, but there was no recipe provided to us. The class was so mismanaged, how did they expect us to cook these things without a recipe?
The moderator was supposed to assist the chef, but she was too lazy to bring the printed recipes. I didn’t have the foggiest idea if she was a paid worker or a volunteer, yet I would prefer not to take another class where she is included. She was bossy, inconsiderate, and at one point told the class after we washed our hands, they ought to be sterile and we shouldn’t touch our apprentices or our telephones. Truly? It is safe to say that we are kids? We were also expecting that there would be wine presented with the food, however, there was not. The cost of the class was high but not fruitful in gaining any knowledge. It’s better to learn cooking at home rather than wasting time here.

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