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Franklin Dental Center is a Ripoff

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date published
10 September 2019

posted by
Kate Anderson

If you are thinking to spend your money on a facility like the Franklin Dental Center then know that you might regret this decision later. I do not usually like to review companies online because I think that it may portray a negative image of them but since my visit at Franklin Dental Center, I had been very disappointed and thought to share my experience with others. That’s because the way I was treated there was below average and not up to the mark and if doctors will not ensure their patients’ care, why would I refrain to post a review about them. After, my visit I am unhappy with their customer service and their professionalism. Also, the doctors at Franklin Dental Center lie to their customers and try to make money from them. The dental clinics have started taking it as a business and always look to make their profit. It all started when I had to set up an appointment, I was on the phone for 20 minutes with the receptionist who asked me to give all my information again because she had mistakenly removed all of it from her computer which was completely a time-wasting work for me but still I was patient and gave it all again. When I came to the office next morning I was asked to give the same information again which was turning out as an irritating thing for me because if they actually have my information why can’t they just get it from there computer. However, I gave my information again and then was asked to sit in the room for 45 minutes. It was a strain because for some reasons the people in the room were continuously whispering to each other. I was now finally taken to the x-ray room where they did an x-ray of my teeth, the device they used was very painful for me. It was hurting the roof of my mouth. It was the third time when they actually got the x-ray they can use to treat me. It took them three different attempts to get a proper result! Imagine sitting there after nearly for an hour and going through this sh*t. This shows how the staff and doctors at Franklin Dental Center are skilled and trained in their work. About one hour later the dentist came in and without even checking me up told me that there is nothing wrong with a throbbing toothache and there was nothing major, and I only need a deep cleaning treatment which would cost me $1200 out of pocket as my insurance company would not pay for it. Well, it looked like a way of getting money out from the pockets of their patients and that why I decided to get a second opinion. I went to another dentist who treated my teeth and within 24 hours my tooth is not bothering me anymore and I am perfectly fine with it. If I had relied on the dentists at Franklin Dental Center, I would’ve gotten ripped off.

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