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Founders Insurance Company Review

Founders Insurance Company

I was in an accident december 3 i live in a busy street and backed out and got hit. This was during the day . The company refused a rental car. There adjuster wanted to put on junkyard parts on 2003 jetta they said it was the law. After further investigating it was not the truth. I continued to drive eventually the car became uncontrollable. The car in fact was unsafe, but I was forced to drive the vehicle. On a snowy morning I was leaving work and hit a pole head on–due to the uncontrollable car-steering was gone.–had i left the parking lot and that not happened then I work on a busy a road the accident could have been fatal. This accident could have happened at anytime to anyone with my family in the car or someone else’s family in the car. This company has not yet settled now 3 months now since the first accident. I am still making car payments now 4 payments and counting. No vehicle now, I signed over to them. Just wondering when they will pay off the accident. So I can get a new vehicle and move on with my life, and a new insurance company.


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