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Im looking for anyone that is starting a class action lawsuit against forest river this is why I”m very disappointed and so are thousands of other RV owners I bought a 2017 brand new 356qb heritage Glen wildwood by forest river I”ve had nothing but problems with this unit since day one I took the RV to camping world to have numerous things fixed and repaired they fixed a few things after 2 months of having the RV when I finally went to pick up the Rv I got it to the RV park where I”m living in Florida and the first time it rained all my slide out windows were still leaking my awning was still coming out of the exterior wall they didn”t fix that issues they did replace the A/C unit mind you this camper was only 8 months old at the time hardly used I called camping world back and told them my floor in the kitchen is still caving in and now my slide out in master bedroom is leaking what is going on ? But now that it”s my home in an RV park I was told I voided out my warranty all together so nothing else would be repaired under warranty not even the extended warranty so in other words you can live in the camper not even part time while your house is being built or for work purposes I called forest river as well told them what was going on which is a manufactures defects and they told me the same thing they were not going to fix anything because I have the RV at a resort living in it I voided out my warranty or what was left of it and the extended as well so all the repairs are your deal and at my cost not theirs can you belive this ? I can”t I asked the guy at forest river to send me something in writing that says that you can”t live in your RV well that was 3 months ago I still haven”t received anything I”ve looked in all my paper work that I got when I purchased my 41, 000 RV and I don”t see anything that says that you void out your warranty if you live in your RV so now what ? Well now I have to replace the whole kitchen floor before the tanks fall out then replace my slide out because it”s rotten and many other things so it”s going to be about 7, 000 plus labor who has that kind of money and why should I be paying all this for a RV that”s only 2years old this shouldn”t be happening but that”s why forest river has thousands of dis satisfied customers and were stuck paying payments on a crappy product that we can”t sell or trade in untill all the things that are falling apart are fixed I”ll never get my money out of this new unit never I”m better off defaulting on the loan and ruining my credit this camper should be destroyed I can”t even get my insurance co to fix the issues because it”s all manufacture defects from the factory so I”m screwed like hundreds of other people that own forest river rvs so please some one let me know if there is a class action lawsuit because if there is I”m in all the way thanks pat yarian .


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