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Irritating and careless teachers

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22 September 2019

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After the confirmation of my offer letter from a reputed company, I was told to practice the basic concepts of MS office by the HR. My office was yet to start and I wanted to spend my time learning the basic concepts from a special coaching centre in less time so that I could impress my boss from the very first day. I started looking up for the best institutes over the internet and after quite a good amount of hasty searches I came up to know about the Ford Park Adult Center, which was very close to my house. They had an amazing webpage that covered all the necessary topics I wanted to learn.
I made an appointment with the head of this centre and was ready to meet him the next day and talk about the course I wanted to learn. I went in and it took him half an hour to free himself and come meet me. He called me inside his office and told me about the different types of course they did. I told him about the course I wanted to opt for. He then told me the importance of basic computers and their excellent way of providing the best study material and also praised his excellent teaching staff. I was convinced by his sugary talks and decided to complete my crash course in a short period. I enrolled myself in their coaching centre and was told to come in from the next day. I was very excited about learning new things and to get myself comfortable with the coaching staff and batch mates.
The outcome was different, the scene changed after a few days and my subject teacher started showing his true colour. The first few days I was bullied by the senior studying students and even after complaining no actions were taken by the faculty. It once such happened that I was late for my class due to the traffic jam and after giving my class teacher this excuse, he laughed and told me that these tricks are old and would not work anymore. I got dismissed from the class for the whole period. On another day I forgot to bring the charger of my portable laptop, I requested the teacher to borrow me one, for the time being, he denied lending me a charger instead of having a handful in stock. He said that the faculty neither lend nor borrow.
All these complications with the faculty made me unsubscribe my registration and when I asked them to refund the money I gave in advance, they denied it too. They said that the money could not be refunded because they don’t have such policies. The behaviour of the faculty and the teaching staff was intolerable and rude. The environment was not friendly and I was bullied by the seniors. I would not suggest any of the students get themselves admitted to the Ford Park Adult Center. They are one of the worst teaching centres in town. Please be careful and don’t waste your money in the wrong place.

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