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Food Basics

I was at food basic store number 896 on july 20 2013 at 7:42 pm. I purchased $115.11 The cashier who was serving me told me that there is a limit for pepsi 2l. I told the girl ok that”s fine my friend will come and get some for himself. The cashier said is she a family to you I answered her no. The other cashier who was serving another customer interfered between our conversation. I told her to pleas server her customer and not interfere between our conversation. She went on saying you can go head and try to have your friend buy more pepsi. I am going to see how you will do it. She went on mumbling “you idiot immigrant”. At that point I left the store and went to the car unload my groceries. I went to dollar tree store and was purchasing some stuff. And my friend had gone back to food basic to buy some pepsi for himself. The girl who was interfering whom also refused to give her name to me has created unpleasant situating with him and told him he can”t purchase the product he asked her why. She replied to him “the other girl was rude”. He than asked the cashier to call her manager he want to speak to them. She called the manager reply was he could not attend and that he didn”t not have time. After couple of minute the manager came and told my friend that he will call the police because he is buying product that their refusing him to sell to him. My friend told the manager he is not stealing he is purchasing it. The manager without any further explanation had gone and called the cops. My friend waited there and than he went and told the manager he will be stepping outside for cigarette. He said ok. After he was done he went back inside the store waiting. That”s when I finished my shopping at dollar tree store. I came out and called my friend he told me the situation. Than I went back to food basic and I saw the attendant who wad interfering keep screaming telling her manager she is the girl. I was not aware he was the manager I approached him and asked him who is the manager and he replied to me saying he does not want to talk to me and he is the manager he refused to give me his name. He also said that we should wait because the cops are going to be coming. I said ok. I step outside the police cruiser came. I went and explained the scent to the officer. He told me that they were called because the manager had told the dispatch that we were not leaving the store. The office is batch number is 2113 name of officer name is j. Thebault. The officer asked us were you not leaving the store I showed him my receipts that myself was not even at store at time the when the treated my friend like a criminal. And when the manager come outside he kept calling my friend in front of police liar saying he we didn”t want to leave the store. I would like bring to attention of food basic as company to have a manager who knows how to handle s situation and how to train his staff. The customer service I received was very poor and I was discriminated because of my hijab (head scarf). I would like an apology from the store manager whom I believe told his name to my friend jeff and the attendant who kept screaming in front of all customer she is the rude girl always mumbling saying immigrant. I can be reached at [protected]. Regards, Shabnam yousafzai


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