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If I ever come back for a vacation in Orlando, I will not stay here.

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08 September 2019

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Florida Hotel and Conference Center isn’t a reliable place to stay. The staff there is unprofessional and rude. These people don’t know anything about hospitality.
As I had to attend a conference in Orlando, so they arranged for me to stay at the Florida Hotel & Conference Center. Well, it looked nice from the outside but I didn’t have any idea what I will be dealing with when I get in. They could not satisfy me with their services because the staff was very rude and unprofessional, their rooms were not clean and upon contacting several times from room cleaning services they still did not respond to me. The prices are too high for basic amenities like you have to spend thrice the amount to get what you want. As I was on a business trip and came in late at night, I was tired because of traveling and was in a dire need to get to bed. Upon checking I was being told that there is no reservation made in my name and I had to face difficulties in checking in. The guy at the front desk was so rude with me and made an impression that he was not serious about my concerns and that I was just an unknown person for him. Well, I had to contact one of my bosses at the office who managed the booking of hotels, and then I was allowed to go in. The room was stinking and I couldn’t even sleep. I contacted the room cleaning service and they didn’t respond to any of my concerns as I had to request the hotel management to change the rooms. Since I was tired and I had to sleep very badly so I slept in the same room. Also, the room had thermostats which were not working perfectly, and the bathroom had showers which were hanging and could not even work properly. The hotel was very noisy in the morning as I could not have a proper sleep. I was there for two nights and the experience I had there was too horrible for me. At the breakfast the food was terrible and was overcooked, I told the manager and ask him to get this replace but he was also unprofessional with me and told me that this is all we have got right now. Their staff is slow too. I had to wait for around 45 minutes to get a cup of coffee in my room. When I asked them why it was taking so long, they just told me they will deliver it within 5 minutes. They kept making this excuse all the time.
My experience with this place was very bad and I do not wish to go again, as I was there for a short stay and all the arrangements were made by from my office, so I don’t have much else to say.

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