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Flexogenix Review


I went to flexogenix for extreme arthritis knee pain. My pain wasn”t that bad but I thought maybe the arthritis I had may be helped by the treatment they offer. When I went to the Los Angles Flexogenix office I was greeted by the front desk and told my consultation would be free. They checked my insurance to see if it would cover the treatment. It would, but they pressured me into doing something that wasn”t covered. It was a complete bait and switch. They pressured me into trying a prp treatment that my orthopedic surgeon said that there was no way would help. It was high pressure sales and they try and squeeze ever dime out of you and your insurance they can. They completely milked my medicare for every dollar. They charged hundreds of dollars to walk on a treadmill. It was over 1000 dollars to use their treadmill. They are fraudulent at flexogenix. They are completely unethical. They billed medicare over 7300 dollars for injections and walking on the treadmill and I paid 2800 dollars out of my own pocket. I asked to speak with the owner or someone in charge. They said Iris Chen was the CEO and CFO. She isn”t even a doctor. Turns out she is one of the doctors wives. This place is a complete SCAM. And Iris Chen I hope the federal government comes to take you away. My knee pain is WORSE than ever and all you did was over bill my medicare, defraud the system, pressure me into treatment that was expensive and didn”t help. Gave me a knee brace for 1500 dollars that doesn”t even fit. I asked to speak to Iris Chen the CEO of Flexogenix to express my concern and let her know how I had been treated, the results of the treatment, and what had happened with medicare, but the staff was rude and said that they knew what had happened, but there was nothing they were willing to do. Flexogenix is a complete scam. They have fake reviews and they have a CEO or CFO or whoever runs that place that doesn”t even care about the people they are over billing medicare out of the clinics under her watch. Be Aware!

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  1. Hollis Goldie May 25, 2020

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