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19 September 2019

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It had been too long since I had gotten my legs and arms waxed and decided to go for a waxing session. The place where I usually went to for waxing had recently been shut down and therefore, I decided to go to a new place. Since I did not know much about other beauty salons, I decided to turn to Google and search for places near me. It took me some time to go through all the options available. I finally decided to go to Flawless Skin Wax Studio. I chose to go to the place after reading some reviews. I called up the place to schedule an appointment. I called up the place a total of five times and I was told to ‘be on hold’ for the first four times. Finally, I was able to get my appointment scheduled.
I went to the place a bit before the scheduled time as I did not want to be late. After reaching, I was really tired and requested a staff member for a glass of water. Even after waiting for half an hour, I was not given a glass of water. Thirsty, I was told to go into the room where the waxing was going to take place. The lady seemed like an expert and I decided not to worry even though it was my first time at a new place. The room was a mess though and there were used waxing strips lying around. I was told to lay down on a long table which, to be honest, was narrow and stumbling. The expert used applied wax on my legs and got started. After a while, the areas where the wax was applied started itching and irritational. I requested the lady to wipe it off and use another wax as the one used was not compatible with my skin type. My request was denied by the lady and she carried on with the process. She applied the waxing strip and by God, I swear she could not have ripped it off more aggressively. The waxed area had turned all red and was itching much. I had to go to my dermatologist to get the itchy areas checked. I was prescribed an ointment by my doctor for the reddened area. When I contacted these bastards to issue me a refund for the reaction they caused to my leg, they just refused my request. They told me that I was and I quote ‘trying to scam them’ by lying about the infection. I told them that it was their fault because I had told the lady applying the wax to my leg. But they still refused my request. It took me almost a week to get rid of the itching and I promised myself that day that even if my whole body gets filled up with hair, I would not think of Flawless Skin Wax Studio.

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