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FINEX Group LLC Review


Late 2006, I finished paying off a collection agency (representing for Del-Tow) completely for the towing of my old car. It had been 4 and a half years when Finex Group, LLC. calls and proceeds to explain that the Collection Agency I had paid my debt in full to, had scammed Del-Tow; collecting the money from the consumers then they apparently ran off with the money. They said I needed to request the records from that company, right after telling me that the company is no longer in business. I told them that I would go down to the bank and get my statement from when I made the payment in full. They told me that it’s “not good enough.” Their reasoning for this was; “we do not have the records, so we don’t know how much the previous Agency had you pay.” Personally, I feel that it is not my responsibility for repaying in full, plus about $500 or so in interest. I paid off the debt, I don’t feel I should have to pay it again because the tow company chose some untrustworthy company, that did not relay the payments back to them. I also feel in a situation where, for example; a tow company was scammed by a collection agency, they should have a representative from said company, call and explain what happened and what is currently going on. Instead of having a collection agency call and tell you that the payment I made before; basically does not count and I have to pay it over again, plus the interest incurred during all that time before getting in contact with me. Honestly, when it comes down to it I don’t know whether to hold Finex Group, LLC. or Del-Tow accountable for this. If there is any information, anyone could provide for this situation, I welcome (& beg) for you to post a comment below. Thank you for your time and patience.

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  1. Alena Fujimura May 25, 2020

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