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05 November 2019

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As a sub-car dealer, my business includes supplying to the local car and travel agencies. One of my very profitable supplies included Fields BMW South Orlando. This was one of my biggest purchases and before the supply was finalized, a meeting for the formation of the agreement was to take place.
To make the meeting successful and to gain the trust of my prospective customers, I had taken guarantee that the car company offers reliable and professional services in case of minor dents, oil change, accidents, etc. The supply was made and my payment was due at the end of the month. Unfortunately, the car met with a huge accident due to its technical fault. The rearview mirror was broken, the headlight was destroyed completely and the bonnet had a dent. It was taken to the BMW service centre where the staff would provide a speedy repair within a week. Also, since it was the first time, the scheme was to keep it free of cost. The centre only looked attractive from the outside and provided their customers with a complimentary drink. However, it’s working and the service provided is poor and surprisingly of a very low quality.
This came to my good knowledge after it had been three weeks and the car was yet to be repaired. The travel agency was extremely furious and refused to provide for my payment which was a lump sum amount. This was disastrous as I could not let myself purchase an expensive car and have no profit earned out of it. Hence, anxiously I called up the manager of Fields BMW South Orlando. He was not only unapologetic but unhelpful, evidently as the car had its headlight broken and was still sitting in the garage for the past three weeks.
I had given a guarantee of the services provided by this world-famous brand. It completely turned out to be false and I did not receive my payment. This incident has greatly affected my deals since that day. Customers are not willing to believe my word of mouth and the supplies have decreased. This overall reduces my profit margin.
I would encourage every person to file a complaint against Fields BMW South Orlando to BMW America as well as BMW Germany. Being a dealer/ supplier of such a high-end car is very risky and can result in a waste of expenses. There was lots of time for both of the parties. Inefficient and unbothered management has already proved to be a blow to the reputation of this firm. This shows that there is no pressure from the top management. It is pointless to purchase such lavish luxuries where there are no augmented benefits. If such important services cannot be provided on time then we can never expect extra facilities from any model/ branch of BMW automobiles. Not only this, the servicing automotive centre of BMW has received not more than one star in the majority of the google reviews. As it is, there is a really limited number of buyers for luxury cars and laid back behaviour of employees can lead this firm to shut down. It is a piece of honest advice for all dealers/customers/ firms etc to never trade with BMW companies.

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