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Didn’t accept warranty and couldn’t repair the car

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05 November 2019

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I bought a car from the Fairfield Imports Independent BMW Service a year ago and as per their 2 years warranty agreement, I took my car to their place because several problems such as brakes and engine tune-up needed to be fixed. I didn’t know it would be such a great mess for doing business with the Fairfield Imports Independent BMW Service. Since the place didn’t take appointments so I had to go to the place and talk to the manager directly. I took all the agreement papers of the car with me so that it would be easier for them to sort it out.
At first, I had to wait for a couple of hours to meet the manager. I met him and told him about the ill condition of my car and because it was under the free warranty period I wanted it to be repaired. At first, he checked all the papers and appeared to be ok with it. He then sent me out of the office and told me to wait outside for a while. He called me in and started showing faults in my paper, he told me the papers were fake because the signature was partly faded. I tried making him understand that it was more than one year and the signature could fade away. After hours of argument he took out another error that was the model number was not the same as their stock registrar showed and he proclaimed that the car was bought from some other place. I was devastated and had no more energy to argue with him, pissed off by his ignorant nature I was assured that he would fix my car but will take every penny for it. Another mistake which I made was letting them service my car.
I agreed to pay them the amount payable for the service of my vehicle and trusted them with their work. The mechanics were worse and the products they used were old and outdated. The mechanic in charge of my car found ways to waste time, he took more than 3 hours to fix the brakes and suspensions and the engine tune-up was pending. He loved having tea every 10 minutes which certainly wasted time. He went to the washroom 3 times during his work and took a long time to excrete. All these time-wasting sessions made me realize the horrible working policy of the Fairfield Imports Independent BMW Service.
The car service took a total of 5 hours to get over. I was scratching my hair all the time for choosing this place for the service of my car. They charged me a heavy sum too. All the disappointment couldn’t have stayed long until I noticed the car was behaving the same after a few hours of driving. They were a different firm during the time I purchased the car from them. I was assured by the same person that the car would be repaired for free during the warranty period. The tables turned and it was not the same anymore. Even after paying for the repair I was not satisfied with their work. Please don’t take any of your business to the Fairfield Imports Independent BMW Service.

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