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I was disappointed by the work of this place and would give a zero star.

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09 September 2019

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Due to extreme heatwave in my area, the window tint of my car started peeling off and due to this there were lots of scratches and the film started detaching from the glass slowly. It was time to replace the glass. It was a first-time replacement and I had very little idea about the same. I did a lot of research about the best window tint centre in the city and found out Fade II Black: Window Tint Solutions to be the best for my problem.
I made an appointment with them for the replacement. The manager informed me that he would text me the date and time very shortly. The short was proving to be very long and it was 3 days since I requested them for an appointment. I called them once again to fix my date and time. The manager said that it would take 4 days to decide the date and time because they are already busy with their work. They finally fixed my schedule after 4 days. I went to the place on time and waited for my turn to come. The wait was long and boring. Finally, they called me in and I handed over the keys to them. They showed me the different types of glass quality of the different ranges. I chose a good and long-lasting one. I then chose the colour which was ceramic black. Then I finalized my deal and made the payment to proceed with the installation of new glasses.
Everything was going fine until now, the real trouble began during the installation of the glasses. The workers were lazy and it took them half an hour to take the measurements because they always had a political gossip ready after each window measurement. I was fed up with their talks and told them to increase their speed to which they got offended and told me to go back and wait until it was done. It was almost 2 hours when I came back after a walk from the park nearby. They had finally put up the glass and were waiting for my return. I took a look at the glasses from all different angles, it was all going good until I saw a big dent on my side door. This annoyed me. I inquired about it with the workers but they denied it as if it was not there mistake. I clearly remember that there were no dents and dings until I handed over my car to them. I complained about it to the manager and requested him to fix the dent but the manager told me that it would cost an extra individual amount for the repair. They were not ready to accept their fault. I asked them for the CCTV footage but they gave an excuse for the camera’s being out of service.
It was one of my biggest mistake coming to the Fade II Black: Window Tint Solutions. They are worst at their job and they even make silly mistakes but never accept them or repair them. Please stay away from Fade II Black: Window Tint Solutions.

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