EZ Wealth Solution

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EZ Wealth Solution | Scam

EZ Wealth Solution is a text book scam or ponzi. The focus is on recruitment (big RED flag) and the product is software that is worthless and can be downloaded free online or for a few bucks. They have inflated the value of what you get, tell you that you get 100% of what you are selling, which is garbage – that is what you will be selling. Then you tell everyone you know about it, they say they will buy you into the first few levels, but then at some point you are asked for $1000 or more. Ron Walsh started this one of out of Nova Scotia Canada. Jim Carpenter is part of Ron Walsh’s team of con artists. this one, its a ponzi sure as the nose on your face, with money moving up to the top, newcomers will get nothing. They claim they have paid out 1/2 million, can’t wait for Industry Canada and the FTC to shut this one down.

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