Extreme Acai Berry

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Extreme Acai Berry | Unsolicited charges on credit card

In October 2008 I ordered a trial bottle of Extreme Acai Berry Melt Away Tablets. I received them and a week later I received a large bottle of the same product. Soon after, I got my credit card statement where they charged me $111.51 in Canadian funds (89.31 US). I called and complained whereby they told me about the fine print in their agreement on the free sample. Apparently, I had 14 days to cancel this second order and had not phoned in time ( I was out of town for a few weeks at Christmas). I told them at that time that I wanted any further orders cancelled. Since then, I have had three credit card statements where they charged me $8.51 US for absolutely nothing!!! I called them (1-877-350-8480) again today and told them that I wanted to be refunded all three charges for $8.51 US and that I wanted my credit card number deleted from their data base. I was told that the refund would take a couple of days to go back on my credit card and that the card was taken off the data base. I am breathlessly awaiting the outcome of this one.

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