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Express Car rental | Bad customer service

26 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Mississauga, ON . Unfortunately, on Sunday evening, the problem with the engine indicator came on, and we did not use the car for all the three days we rented it for as we knew that there was a problem with the engine. This morning when we returned it, we had very bad customer service to the extent that one of the people said Fuck u to my husband, and told me not to waste their time; they had other customers and asked me to keep quite. I am really upset with the service I received. When I asked them to speak to their boss, he said this was the head office, I come online, I see this is the main head office website. I however cannot find any number to call to air my concerns. I really feel cheated and upset. Such a large company, with such poor representatives? If you would like to talk to me, please call me at 905-593-0860. They werent even willing to give me any options. All the three members that were there, Jason, Jim and the lady who said Fuck u to my husband were very rude and unhelpful. I am not being petty, but it is a matter of principle. The options I gave were1 not to charge me for the 3rd day I could not use the car, I was willing to pay 2 day plus extra kilometers2 take the car free of charge for an other day as a form of reimbursementThey kept telling me to have dropped off the key, But before renting the vehicle itself, I asked them if I could drop of the key on Monday evening as we do not have to go in late on Tuesday morning to work, they said that they did not have a key drop off option. They kept contradicting themselves and being very rude

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