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Executive search dating vancouver BC | Scam artitst

This executive search dating is a total scam!! I am a financially well of client and was looking for someone in my socio-economic situation.They tooold me they had lots of possible matches (0ver 65). I had two dates, one with a very strange manthat appeared to be somewhat demented and an obvious liar, as he could not keep his story straight in our one hour meeting. I complained….Oh don’t worry we will find you someone better, the next was a poor buddhist metaphysical healer…..again what does a west van very cultured, spoiled lady have in common with someone like this. Again I complained…they said oh we just need a better photo of you, and you need to meet the “dating ” coach…..so I did all that. Then they called with a third date…supposedo be to be very cultured high class etc….well, he simply stood me up. I dressed up went downtown t downtown for the “date” well he was a no-show. He did not have the curtesy to even call the restaurant or the agency to let anyone know he had changed is mind. I found this a very rude and unkind thing for a “classy” man to do!!! I am totally dismayed with this service, they don’t have quality candidates for older people, they are full of excuses and refuse to give me my money back.I am going to pursue them and try as hard as I can to be compensated for their total dishonesty, this is a house of smoke and mirrors and LIES! never go to them they simply cannot deliver what they promise, plus they are rude! I am extremely mad at this scam….be careful before you give them a single penny!

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