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Extremely dirty washrooms and unnecessary charges

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19 September 2019

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My encounter with the dental hygienist wasn’t pleasant. I didn’t have the best communication with the staff members.
There’s no thorough exam to reassure me of my dental care and no respect for my time and suggested to make the appointment to suit their schedule.
They don’t accommodate for patient’s dental care and I wasn’t pleased with staff from Ewing Dental Associates. They don’t keep a family-orientated atmosphere, just a dull room to wait for an appointment.
I didn’t have a friendly and pleasant experience with staff members at the Ewing Dental Associates.
The dentist isn’t knowledgeable and calm in procedures for patients. There’s no reassurance from the dentist of the dental work. The area is isolated from the dentist and assistant to work on patients. I didn’t get what I wanted at the practice from the staff or the dentist.
This place is small and doesn’t have a warm welcome. The staff members lack good communication skills. Every time I had an appointment, I had to wait an hour to see the dentist.
I realized there’s no plan and organization among the personnel for patients’ appointments.
There are no thorough cleaned facilities and patients have no information about procedures or dental treatment. Insurance companies don’t cover most of the dental procedures and this is a payment issue for most patients. It isn’t affordable when charges are a rip-off.
I didn’t find the experience pleasant and calm, it was a nervous moment for me. I got the appointment after two days of hassle. The hygienist cleaned my teeth and it wasn’t a painless procedure. I expected better from the hygienist who communicated a little of the dental care. I didn’t feel comfortable with painful gums. Hygienist cleaning my teeth and failed to practice hygienic skills to wear gloves, it didn’t please my visit.
I don’t want to visit again to Ewing Dental Associates.
There was no care for patients and dental work on patients. The procedures performed with impatience are a big concern for any patient, right?
I felt alone and cold in the dental room. The customer service is absent and the quality of equipment is at its lowest. I paid $60 for extra charges. It’s this type of charges I didn’t need to pay for. The insurance company didn’t cover the expense. There is no helpful staff and caring staff at Ewing Dental Associates.
The unpleasantness of staff didn’t give me a comfortable and warm welcome.
At the entrance of the reception area, I felt a negative vibe from the employees.
I wasn’t satisfied with the pain in my gums and didn’t get what I paid for here.
My gums swelled from the reaction of the spray, and the hygienist didn’t care to make me feel calm and relaxed in this procedure.
No sign of people cleaning the facilities, the toilets had wet floors, and this is a danger to patients.
I won’t recommend Ewing Dental Associates to patients for the lack of knowledge of dental care. Lack of planning and organizing of appointments to patients is a slow process.
The nonprofessional hygienist, and of the dentist’s poor performances and isn’t safe for patients.
It is a waste of money at the practice and you won’t get what you paid for here.

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