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Esso canada | Rude Behaviou

After having an issue with my bankcard, I was unable to provide payment for my $10 of gas. After immediately asking me to step aside so the cash could tend to paying customers, I was rudely told that the money I didn’t pay would come from the cashier’s check. I informed the woman that I doubted that, as that kind of thing is illegal. I told her I wasn’t sure why the payment didn’t approve but that I could pop home and be back in less than 30 mins. She, again rudely, replied that I would have to call someone. I explained to her there was no one to call. She then called over who I can only assume was the owner, who promptly took to lecturing me and letting me know he does not run a business on “good intentions”. I’ve never been treated so rudely, or like such a criminal in my life. It was disgusting; especially in front of the owner and by the owner. So, Trotter’s Esso – thanks for making me feel like a piece of dirt criminal over $10; that I returned to pay in less than 30 mins. Great business plan, super customer service and awesome home-town feel you put out. I won’t be returning.

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