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Ensurall | Beware Ensurall!

For peace of mind I bought an extended warranty for my BMW when my factory warranty ran out. As I don’t have a lot of time I decided to buy it online and must say my Ensurall warranty has been my worst investment since I sent money to a guy in Nigeria in return for an inheritance. Though, addmittedly, the latter was much more pleasant to deal with (probably due to my being related to his late King)In all seriousness do avoid Ensurall. My car suffered a seized engine while “covered” by an Ensurall warranty and they, well, Ensurednot. They lobbed a series of increasingly outlandish reasons for denying my claim at me (among the greatest hits was my failure to take it in for a recall that was purely a figment of Ensurall’s imagination). Ensurall alleges I neglected my car, but every mechanic who has looked at my car alleges the precise opposite. Instead Ensurall sent a photo of my car to a company in Toronto and apparently “shiny” things in the picture are proof positive of abuse. It later turned out the independent company they used was controlled by an employee of theirs.You’d do well to Avoid Ensurall extended warranties, your money would be better spent invested with a Nigerian prince as at least you don’t expect the latter to be legitimate in the first place.

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