Enhanced Recovery Company [ERC]

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Enhanced Recovery Company [ERC] Review

Enhanced Recovery Company [ERC]

It”s been about 2 week, every morning at around 8:10 am I got a call with the message: “Please hold for a message from ERC.” At first I wanted to know who it is from and hold it for a while, then it automatically turn off by itself. After a few times like that, one morning I got a real person. The lady asked me if I live at such address. After I told her that”s not my address and ask what the purpose of the call, she said it was for an important business. Then she ask for my birth date. After I refuse to tell her, she asked me for my last 4 digits of SSN. After this I knew it was totally a “straight to the face” ID THEFT. I told her that I would never give out my info and hung up. But again and again, very promptly at 8:10 am everyday, I still receive the call. I just want to get to a real person this time to request to take my name off the calling list, even though I a, too, had register with the Do Not Call Registry. Other than one more time that I got another actual person, long enough or me to hear her: “Hello? Hello?” then she hung up, I never got a chance for my request. I work late at night and sometimes I just got about 3 hours of sleep and they disturb me with the calls that make me stay awake thereafter due to the annoyance. Please help!!! You can tell how frustrated I am. 🙁


  1. Michele Syed May 25, 2020
  2. Leonarda Charvat May 25, 2020

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