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Their staff has become much worse. I don't recommend them

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date published
11 September 2019

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Ava Payne

Killing boredom is the need of every human being and hanging out with your friends or family to watch a movie at a good theatre is the best option to choose. The time spent at the theatre allows you to relax and disconnect from your busy everyday life. Since Emagine Saline is in a mall I happen to go there a lot of times and I have watched many movies at this theatre but they never failed to disappoint me even once. Things have changed now. I have been here multiple times before but now it simply doesn’t in every case satisfy the costs being charged. My greatest customary issues are neatness and staffing. On my latest visit the washrooms were loaded with water on the floor, rubbish everywhere throughout the sinks, and just not perfect and clean. Ultimately there isn’t generally a staff member at the concessions registers, now and again you need to look for one of the staff just to pay for overrated concessions, most performance centres would make it simple to pay, yet this spot makes it a pain in the ass. Likewise, there isn’t generally a staff member staffing the front counter ticket work areas to help with ticketing issues and you have to go to visitor administrations. The décor is very old fashioned and weird and they need to renovate it to make it attractive. The snack bar has the worst food ever. The ingredients they use are old, stale and expired. I even had a strand of hair inside the plate of my fries which was a disgusting feeling. The chefs at the snack bar are bad cooks and the food tastes like poison. There is no variety of drinks available and the ones they sell are from inferior brands. The staff is super slow and they take ages to prepare and deliver your order. The movie theatre is extremely outdated. The size of the screen is small and sound quality is not up to the mark. In the lounge, the seating is very uncomfortable and it gets very congested and stuffy. Ticket prices are sky-high when they don’t even provide the best of the services. Since it is in a shopping plaza it takes ages to get there because you have to walk through the busy plaza to get to the theatre. Staff is inefficient and they messed up with our seating numbers and made us sit at some other seats. We had to move to our original seats in between the movie which was such an inconvenience. They don’t even have enough staff who can deliver food on the seats. You have to go all the way to the café and carry the food on your own. They don’t even offer a variety of movies. The one I wanted to see was not available and I had to watch a boring movie instead. I plan to go to another theatre next time because I have had enough of their lame services. If you are looking for a fun, comfortable and lavish experiences at a theatre do not go to Emagine Saline.

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