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24 September 2019

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I always had a dream of buying a BMW and after getting well settled in a strange town where I had been transferred recently I made it sure to buy a car. I wasn’t that rich to buy a brand new BMW so I decided to buy a pre-owned car. I was very much excited about it and did a lot of research about buying a pre-owned car from an authentic BMW showroom. Soon I found out the Elmhurst BMW to be the best in their business with a very attracting inventory. I choose an invertible BMW 3 series from their inventory and made an appointment with the manager of the place.
I went to the place and waited in the lobby to meet the manager. He was already busy with another customer so I had to wait for more than 30 minutes for my turn. Since the place was far away from my place, I felt thirsty so I requested a staff member to fetch me a glass of water so that I could feel better, but they had no stock of water at that moment. I went out and bought a packed bottle of water from my own money. I was called in by the manager and when asked him to show me the car I wanted, he became hesitant and made excuses to drop the idea of checking out the car. He somehow convinced me to buy the vehicle without even letting me have a check upon it. He was a salesman for a reason, and this was it. Convincing people to buy the car at any cost. I was shown several pictures but wasn’t shown the car in real before the payment.
The manager then fixed another appointment for completing all the payment procedures. After completing everything and expecting to let me take my car home on the same day, I was told by the manager that it would take a week due to some shipment issues. I had no other option but to agree to their terms because the payment was done. I kept on waiting for a week but the car wasn’t delivered. I called the firm a lot of time but they never picked up the call. I got tensed and went into the Elmhurst BMW to inquire about my vehicle. The manager than apologized and assured me that the car would be delivered by the next day.
I was shocked to see the condition of the car, all my excitement turned into disappointment and I was pissed off because it was not maintained and probably not even used for years. The gear system was jammed, the brakes were not in a proper condition, the suspensions were jammed and the music system was not working. I realized their false policy of not showing the car before the payment because every buyer would cancel the deal after seeing their collection of a pre-owned vehicle. I never want any of the readers to make a mistake buying any kind of vehicle from the Elmhurst BMW. The place should be shut down. Please stay away from them.

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