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They have only novice dentists

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14 September 2019

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Dental care is one of the most important things you have to do when it comes to self-maintenance. You should not take as a matter of life and death but it should be your priority. I am a freak when it comes to hygiene and oral care is something I love to do. But at the end of the day, bacteria can attack anywhere irrespective of the fact that you clean your mouth twice or thrice a day. Same happened to me and I had sore gums for two to three days. I thought about it and considered a matter of time as if it would heal in a day or so or I might have brushed rigorously. After two days, my gums were swollen and I was scared. I had never visited a dentist for such problems so I was concerned about choosing the best practitioner for myself. I searched a lot and finally, I made my decision. I chose Elegant Dental Care and I could not have made such a bad decision ever before.
A lot of good reviews have been posted by people about it. Since their website is persuasive too, the reviews are cherry on the cake. Nobody cares about the countless pessimistic reviews. Neither did I before my so-called best experience with the bastards. They offer a lot of services and most of the services are offered by a lot of other dentists too. They get an edge with their compelling website and blog. I did not need any special service; just the sore gums needed treatment. Getting an appointment was a real task for me and I would just ignore that because it only heightens my rage for them. I am totally dissatisfied with their hygiene at the clinic. The staff members are highly unskilled and irresponsible. The dentist was a fresh graduate and didn’t know a thing about my problem. She tried to comfort me or I do not know what she was trying to do. She misguided me about the problem and asked me not to worry about it. My rigorous brushing habit is responsible for swollen gums. I was shocked to hear this because I have seen my gums swelling with every hour passing by and the gums had some black spots too. I consulted another dentist and he told me that there was some kind of infection. I should not worry about it because I have visited at the first stage or it could have gone worse.
Surprisingly, Elegant Dental Care has no concerns about the patient’s health. All they can do is lie about the problems. The dentists are not at all experienced and freshmen are asked to treat patients like me without any supervision. Please be sure about the clinic when you think of getting treatment. Ensure the consultant’s experience. If you have a fresh graduate, ask them to work under a senior. Do not let them treat you on their own. They are inexperienced and cannot treat you like the way an experienced consultant would.

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