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Had a really bad experience! Please be careful!

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09 July 2019

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It was a very bad experience using services of Edison HVAC. I had an issue with air conditioning system and wanted to repair it as well as have new systems installed. I had to try calling and follow up with them a couple of times before they finally came over to have a look. They did repair the air conditioner and I paid for it. The blower was replaced and paid for with warranty. They also gave me a quotation for a new system. The quotation was high and I decided to wait and see the quality of their work before going in with a new and expensive system. It turned out to be a good decision.

The air conditioner they repaired broke down again after a couple of weeks. They came over to have a look and found a problem with the compressor. Now, this issue could be unrelated to the previous one, but I think they should have been thorough with the inspection first time around and detected the fault with the compressor too. It was another repair and replacement cost. And the technician had turned up the motor speed for more cooling and air flow. As it turned out, the motor burned in a couple of days.

We had had it with Edison HVAC and called in another company this time. Their technician walked us through every problem with the air conditioner and also explained to us how he plans to fix them and avoid such issues in the future. And their quotation for the same was quite less than what Edison HVAC had been charging me, even for the installation of a new system. don’t think I will be recommending them to anyone. They have great reviews online but my experience with them was very bad.

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