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14 October 2019

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Everyone dreams of getting a promotion at work and hike in salary. After getting married and having a child, I couldn’t go out to courses, and I was desperately searching for one to improve my capability.
At that time, I had gone through eCornell, established by Cornell University. This is a fraud happening in masses in the name of training.
They promised to get a suitable qualification a minimum cost of $1700, being the fee of course and it finishes in a couple of weeks. So, I started this course with lots of hopes of excitement and confidence.
But after going through the material, I realized it is just a theory with examples. There is nothing special about the product, which helps you to learn the course.
They also promised an easy way of learning, which is absolutely a big lie. Another promise they made is that it can be understood very quickly with their step-by-step procedure.
The material has many complex concepts, which needs lots of time to understand and learn. This requires the support of other stuff in the from YouTube or books to understand it.
They promised that learning would start instantly, which is the worst part of it. Leave immediately, most of the people can never earn even start this course quickly.
This course is very crappy, and it was never truly designed to make people understand the course. All the promises that were made proved to be nothing but a fake. The contents of the course are also missing.
You can get all the training material free of cost on YouTube and from different kinds of blogs. The explanation part over there is far simple, and you can easily get connected to the content, whereas they are charging so much for a similar course and killing time, money, and trust of people.

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