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My loans went into default when I lost my job and was homeless. I got back on my feet and applied for a loan rehabilitation program through ECMC. I was qualified and approved and read carefully the loan rehab agreement. It allows ECMC to add collection fees once the loan has been rehabilitated. After only a few payments under my agreement, which I made on time, ECMC added over $5, 000 to my loan balance for collection fees! I”ve contacted the employee at ECMC and complained that it is a breach of the agreement to add these fees now (prematurely) – especially in light of the fact that interest is now being calculated at this higher balance. I have heard absolutely nothing back. Now, I have to take legal and/or administrative action against them as they are clearly in breach of the agreement.


  1. Jasmin Nette May 24, 2020
  2. Adrian Puleio May 24, 2020
  3. Verlene Dortch May 24, 2020

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