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They charged my card and didn’t issue a refund

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18 September 2019

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Don’t consider this company because you would end up wasting your time and money. Easy Car Shipping isn’t a shipping company. It’s a shitty company. The staff of this place is indecent and inhuman. They don’t know how to talk to people, how to behave with people and how to even interact with people. Their customer service is terrible and every time you are going to call them you will be greeted by their rude staff. Their drivers are unprofessional who don’t even how to load and unload the car and because of this, my car faced several damages. I want to get my car shifted to another city and for that purpose, I choose Easy Car Shipping. The first mistake I made was not to check their ratings online but was still assured by this company not to be worried about it. I had to cancel several appointments just to make sure that I was at home to make the shipment. I called the Easy Car Shipping to make the booking and I met with a rude customer service representative who didn’t seem to appreciate my call. We decided the pickup date and I shared all the details with them to make sure everything is up and up. I also paid them in advance through my card. On the day of pickup, it was around 2 pm and he was still not here when we decided on 10 am. I called this company to let them about it and I was being told that due to some circumstances they can’t make the delivery today. They did not even show apologetic behavior to me nor offered some discounts to compensate because they had wasted my entire evening. Around 2 days later the driver came and picked up my car and it was delivered 17 days later.
When I complained about it, the company made some lame excuses of not reaching on time. After all this fuss they still have not offered me a word of sorry, no discount nothing. Also, they charged my card more because according to them the driver made an additional effort to deliver my car. They used my information without my permission and when upon complaining I was being rudely answered by one of their agents. I did not appreciate working with this company it looks like they are only trying to fill their pockets by hook or by crook. Long story short I am still trying to contact them through calls and emails to refund my money and every time I am being answered that they are working on it and will let me know. I am thinking of filing a dispute against Easy Car Shipping and make sure to reveal their real face. I am pretty sure that I’m not the only one who has been duped by this group of crooks. There must’ve been others who have been duped by this shipping company, that’s why I thought it was important to share my experience.

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