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Haven’t delivered my car yet

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18 September 2019

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You might not want to hire them after reading my review but even if you do, please be prepared to lose money, time, and effort altogether. Ohio has a lot of different shipping companies. You better go to them. they seem to have a lot of good and appealing content on their website which drove my attention too but all of it is just shit. You would want to sue them for what they are going to do to you. A piece of friendly advice is to avoid going to the place. Well, I had a good perception of them because of their website. I messaged them on the live chat box but there was an automated reply “we will get back to you as soon as possible.” It has been weeks and there is still no response from them. I had made up my mind to go to my grandma’s for a month and I needed my car to be shipped to Florida.
I did not receive any reply on their website so I mailed them too. It was not responded for another two days. I called the place and then I was entertained. The representative was continuously confronting me that I might have left the messages or email on some different address and that the unanswered messages are not the company’s fault. Nonetheless, I ignored this and asked for details about the shipping to Florida. She gave me a lot of details but none of them were understandable. The only thing I could absorb was they have the best-enclosed shipping service and that I would not regret my choice. I asked about the costs and the call was ended leaving me with the most important question I guess. I visited the place to confirm the shipping as asked by the customer service department. After reaching I waited for an hour just to confirm the shipping and there was no good reason from them for the delay. One supervisor said that the responsible authority is out for lunch and the other one said that he was in a meeting right now.
Finally, the shipment was confirmed for 22nd August but the driver arrived on the 23rd without any notification. I am at my grandma’s right now and my car has not been delivered yet. It has been a lot of days now and I do not know if it will be delivered in time or not. Without my car, things get out of hand because I am habitual of using a car as a means of transport. I have been calling them and emailing them but there has been no genuine response until now. They are just making false claims on their website and I have given the reviews a look and it turns out that I am not the only one suffering because of their inabilities but a lot of other people have the same issue. Looks like Easy Auto Ship is not interested in giving proper services but is keen about good PAID reviews and money.

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