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Dunkin’ Donuts

I walked into the Dunkin Donuts that”s on 87th and Hermitage and I noticed that your employees was working there was not wearing gloves why serving the customers I seen them touch spoons put their hand on top of cups of coffee when given to a customer also she stuck her hand inside of an ice cream container to scoop out ice cream for a customer without wearing any gloves one of the workers there did have on their head the other one did not hair was hanging down hair should be always pinned back with a net on it I let the young lady know that looks like a supervisor she said to me that she did not touch any food and when I was clearly looking at her when she stuck her hand inside of ice cream container gave me my spoon with no gloves on I tried to explain her the reason why she should have it on because she may get someone who comes in here and see that your guys like a health inspector or anyone she said okay and then continue on what she was doing she did not address the situation to the other employee dare and they did not put any clubs on they just continue on with their job this is something that should be taken serious and I really think you”d customer should be taught one food safety I told her that if you did not take it food safety class there is one online she said she already did she couldn”t have because she will have gloves on when you”re touching any items that contains you giving it to a customer if it a put it in a mouth or drinking off top of it or scooping up food handling food at all times store number 35090 8 time and date 5 /3/18 at 10:59


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