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DR REG.NET | Unauthorized monthly charges!

I bought something small in April. Its associated with Auction Monster. I don’t remember how much I paid, but it was small amount, maybe for shipping, or trying out “free” registry scan I downloaded, but did not buy. I never authorized monthly deductions of this magnitude, that’s for sure. Since then, every month for the past4 months I have been charged $62.75 USD by Dr. Reg.net. I cannot stop it, AMEX says they have to honor it, even if I cancel my card and get a new one. How do you stop these people from charging me $62, .75 every month? When I call them on the phone, they immediately put me on hold and make me listen to music until about 10 minutes, after which the line gets disconnected and I get a beeping dial tone. This is scam and cheating!

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