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He is not meant to be a doctor rather than being a douchebag.

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04 September 2019

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Being fired from a job is a very big strike to one’s mental health. Being kicked out from your own house right after and forced to find a new job would also be very challenging and full of stress. Being a victim of such different types of issues, I was mentally disturbed for the past few days. This was also affecting my physical health indirectly. I started smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol a lot, I tried taking sleeping pills for a sound sleep but all these ideas didn’t work. I partly gave up and was lost in every aspect of life and wanted to die. After a sudden realization from my inner self, I decided to get myself medically treated, maybe by a psychologist. After a lot of research online for the best doctor in town I decided to make an appointment with Dr Michael Fraser the best in town. After reading all the positive reviews I made sure that this would certainly help me a lot.
Dr Michael Fraser was a very expensive doctor and charged me every time I went to him. It’s been months now and I would like to share my horrible experience with this monster. I don’t know how people give positive reviews for such a doctor who has such a negative mindset. A psychiatrist should make sure to have good communication with his patients, but Dr Michael Fraser was neither a good speaker nor a good listener. It took me a week to describe him properly about my depressing problems and the situation I was going through. I came here to get rid of my negative thought and live a sound life once again but the doctor made it sure to humiliate me for being an unemployed person every damn time I met him. He always fixed an appointment at night after 8 pm because he had no other time for his patient. It was not appropriate for me to travel so late at night alone with no one to accompany. I requested him a hell lot of times to change my timing but he never took it under consideration. My mental health was not stable to argue with him regarding the uneven time so I had to go to him twice in a week.
It was about my sixth meeting with the doctor when I decided to leave his way of treatment because no improvement was noticed until now. I requested him to help me again and again regarding my problems but he always had the same answer which he repeated all the time. “Your scar is very deep and would take time to heal my son!” I was fed up by Dr Michael Fraser and decided to leave this place now and consult a better doctor. Now I am treated by a psychologist who is far better than Dr Michael Fraser. Now I feel very better then I used to. It is because of him I am happy once again with a stable state of mind. I would recommend everyone to stay out of the reach of Dr Michael Fraser.

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