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Jeffrey V. Jones DDS is unprofessional and depraved

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date published
10 September 2019

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David Miller

If you ever decide to visit Jeffrey V. Jones DDS, reconsider your decision because you might regret it. I had to contact a doctor because my wife was having difficulties with her teeth and wanted to have a regular checkup just to make sure everything is good. For that purpose, I did slight research on the available doctors in the area and there were no slots available in any one of them but luckily I got one at Jeffrey V. Jones DDS. I wonder that was the only reason people don’t consider them as a dental consultant because of their services and the way they treat their patients. Jeffrey V. Jones DDS is located in Dallas, Texas and claims to have over 30 years of experience in this field but in my last visit, they were unable to satisfy me with their services as they have lacked in delivering quality services. This was my wife’s first visit to Jeffrey V. Jones DDS as she was facing problems with her teeth, she said the doctors were unprofessional and this was the most painful visit to any clinic she has ever been to. It all started when the doctor starting treating her roughly, they made her gums bleed even when she said it was painful for her. My wife was pregnant and increased bleeding is normal in pregnancy. The doctors also told her to have her wisdom teeth removed. The doctors at Jeffrey V. Jones DDS are ignorant as they failed to answer any questions my wife asked them. My family doctor has never asked my wife to get her wisdom teeth removed as they are straight and she is perfectly fine with it and didn’t find any reason why the doctor at Jeffrey V. Jones DDS ask her to do so. The dentist at Jeffrey V. Jones DDS are keen to make money rather than checking their patients, the doctor didn’t even look in her mouth, not even a single time and insisted her to remove the wisdom teeth. This shows how clinics like Jeffrey V. Jones DDS are least bothered to solve the queries of their patients and just want to make their money. I was asked to visit again but the way they welcomed and treated my wife I don’t think that I will be ever visiting these guys ever again. Also, I will make sure that they have to pay every single penny for what they have done to my wife as she is still having problems with her gums, lately the visit has turned into a nightmare for me and my wife and we have decided to get back to our previous doctor again. The way those guys treated my wife and me has shown me just how pathetic these people are in their customer service. I’m pretty sure my experience has exposed their reality. If you’ve ever thought of going to this clinic, just ignore the thought and never go there. Let others know about the quality of this place too if possible.

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